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 Cardre wise statements of all employes as on 02-06-2014 

Indicating their Native State based upon documentary evidence of local area candidate/nativity as per SR/permanent address as per SR

S.No Cadre
1 Sr.Officer GR-I
2 Sr.Officer GR-II
3 A.M (Tech.)
4 A.M.(Gen)
5 A.M (Accts)
6 Acct.Gr.I
7 Asst.Gr.I
8 TA.Gr.I
9 Acct.Gr.II
10 Asst.Gr.II
11 TA.Gr.II
12 Acct.Gr.III
13 Asst.Gr.III
14 TA.Gr.III
15 Dy.E.E.
16 A.E.E.
17 A.E.
18 D.E.O
19 Record Asst.
20 Driver
21 LPG Mechanic
22 Plumber
23 Sweeper
24 Watchman
25 Office subordinate


Final Seniority List

S.No Cadre
1 Sr.Officer GR-II
2 A.M (Accts)
3 A.M (Tech.)
4 A.M.(Gen)
5 Acct.Gr.I
6 Acct.Gr.II
7 Acct.Gr.III
8 TA.Gr.I
10 Asst.Gr.I
11 Asst.Gr.II
12 Asst.Gr.III



Cadre wise Employee's Bio-data


S.No        CADRE          
1 Officiers in DMO&ZMO


3 Accountants
4 Technical Assistants
5 Office Subordinates
6 Head Office