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Decentralized Procurement (DCP) Paddy & Rice
DCP(PPT File Format)
Mana Biyyam
Important Guidelines
DCP- Operational Guidelines- KMs 2018-19
Procurement policy for KMS 2018-19
Procurement policy for KMS 2017-18
Procurement Policy for KMS 2013-14
Operational Guidelines for Paddy
Model Agreement for Custom Milling Of Paddy
Integrated Electronic Solution to PDS Management
Power Point Presentation
Detailed Note
Committee Proceedings
Sub-Committee Proceedings



Circular No. Subject
193 Procurement Policy for KMS 2018-19--De-centralized Procurement--Acceptance of Raw Rice under CMR-Operational guidelines by APSCSCL.
192 Fixation of the Provisonal rates of custom milled rice(CMR) and cost of new 50kg guny bags used by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the central pool and for DCP Scheme during the kharif marketing seasons 2018-19.
191 Procurement policy of Paddy and Rice for KMS 2018-19.
190 Procurement policy of Paddy and Rice for KMS 2017-18.
189 APSCSCL-Marketing-Procurement of paddy under MSP for KMS 2016-17 Delivery of paddy for custom milling against Bank Guarantee-Certain instructions-Reg.
188 APSCSCL-Procurement Policy of Paddy and Rice for Kharif Marketing Season 2016-17.
187 APSCSCL-Provisional Rates of Custom Milled Rice(CMR) for 2016-17
186 APSCSCL-Marketing-MSP-Oaddy procurement-Payment of 1% driage charge to the designated rice mills w.e.f KMS 2015-16 - Procure to be adopted-Reg.
185 APSCSCL-Marketing-Procurement of Paddy under MSP-Guidelines on CMR deliveries,Collection of CMR acknowledgements from depots,claiming of CMR billswith FCI and its realisation in time-Reg.
184 Civil Supplies - Consignee end Inspection of Jute Bags - Regarding.--TS Unit
183 Guidelines & Instructions for KMS 2015-16
182 Advance copy of Circular guidelines for Rabi 2015-16
181 Permission to utilize leftover new gunnies of KMS 2014-15 for CMR deliveries of KMS 2015-16-Reg.
180 Provisional rates of custom milled rice (CMR) and the economic cost for DCP scheme for KMS 2015-16.
179 Inter district movement of paddy from surplus to deficit districts for custom milling during KMS 2015-16 - Orders issued
178 Partial amendment in Principles regarding payment of gunny depreciation being allowed for use of new and once used gunny bags.
177 RMS 2016-17-Scheme for State-Wise colour coding of gunny bags - Minutes of Meeting held on 18.12.2015-Communicated-Reg
176 Introduction of 580 gms B-Twill Jute bags
175 APSCSCL-Marketing-Khariff 2015-16-Damage of paddy due to Cyclone & heavy rains in Krishna District-Procurement of Paddy and Rice under relaxed specifications-Certain guidelines-issued-Reg.
174 Marketing Khariff 2015-16-Damage of paddy due to cyclone in the Districts of East Godavari & West Godavari -Procurement of paddy -under relaxed Specifications -Reg
173 Colour Coding of Gunny Bags to facilitate identification of crop year of stock for RMS 2016-2017 - Reg.
172 Temporary relaxation of BIS License in supply of jute bags through DGS&D - regarding
171 DCP(MKTG)-CS- Execution of MOU with Government of Andhra Pradesh for undertaking Decentralized Procurement of Paddy/Rice for KMS 2015-16 onwards - Reg.
170 CS-Handbook of Guidelines for Submission of Final Claims of Procurement Incidentals/Economics Cost bt the State Governments - Reg.
169 Procedure for Submission of Accounts audited by auditors appointed by C&AG bt Sate Govts in order to finalise procuremnt incidentials of State Agencies and Economic cost of rice,wheat and coarse grains for the past years -Reg.
168 APSCSCL-CS-Uniform Specifications of Paddy,Rice & Coarse Grains for the Khariff Marketing Season (KMS) 2015-16 - Reg.
167 Permission to use leftover new gunny bags for year KMS 2015-16.--Reg
166 Proc-Withheld amounts against CMR deliveries from 2010-1 to 2014-15 - Guide lines for clearing withheld bills -Information/reasons for withheld amount sought for -Reg.
165 Colour coding of Gunny bags to facilitate identification of crop yearof stock for KMS 2015-16
164 TSCSCL-MKTG&PDS Court Cases-Sri A.Jgan,Advocate,Hyderabad as Standing Counsel for Telangana State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd., in Judicature at Hyderabad for the State of Telangana-Reg.
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