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Decentralized Procurement (DCP) Paddy & Rice
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Mana Biyyam  
Important Guidelines
Model Agreement for Custom Milling Of Paddy
Procurement policy for KMS 2017-18
Procurement Policy for KMS 2013-14
Operational Guidelinesfor Paddy
Integrated Electronic Solution to PDS Management
Power Point Presentation
Detailed Note
Committee Proceedings
Sub-Committee Proceedings



CNo Subject
2 Circular 2
8 Certain guidelines for Stage II Movement of Rice one route Offiecer for each Route-Instructions issued -Regarding.
9 Certain guidelines for issue of Release Orders under SGRY FFW schemes by Stage II transportation -Need for planning and coordination -Reg.
11 Observations made by Regional Director (S&R) QCC,Hyderabad-certain guidelines to be observed -Regarding
14 Review of judgement in CC No.189 of 2003 in the court of I Addl.Judicial Magistrate of First Class,Khammam-Certain instructions issued-reg.
15 Sugar Movement -Sugar Movement Plan Phase-I for September 2005-Reg.
17 PDS-LEVY SUGAR-District-wise Review of lifting of levy sugar for the Month of August 2005-Incorporation of priority in the Movement Orders being issued by the Dist.Managers-Reg.
25 Lapses in the transportation of Essential Commodities from MLS Point to FP Shops-Guide lines reiterated-TWO ACTION POINTS DAILY Regarding.
28 Movement of A.P. rice and Ex.north rice Movement plan-Certain instructions issued on DESTINATION POINT planning-Reg.
32 LEVY SUGAR-Price Determination Order for 2005-2006 sugar season w.e.f 17.11.2005-Payment of cost-Orders-Isued.
33 Sugar Movement-Sugar Movement Plan for February-2006-Reg.
39 Sugar Movement-Sugar Movement Plan for March-2006-Reg.
41 Sugar Movement-Sugar Movement Plan for April-2006-Reg.
123 asas
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